Wrap up of Australian Romance Readers Conference 2015

I don’t normally do this sort of blog but I just had to share the top moments for me at my first ever Australian Romance Readers Conference that was held in Canberra over this last weekend.

It will be short and sweet but these are the highlights for me:

10) Meeting a whole host of Australian romance authors I had never met before and sharing some incredible laughs and business savvy.

9) Helene Young’s keynote speech which included an ass-kicking Joanna Lumley and finding out Helene is not only a romance author, and an airplane pilot but that she lives on a catamaran named “Rubenesque” with her Captain husband.

8) Listening to Victoria Dahl’s inspirational keynote speech on International Womens Day. (She didn’t know it was International Womens Day and I think that makes it even more amazing).

7) Getting to sit with Fabio (lifesize cut out) for about three hours, (the conversation was stimulating let me tell you)

6) Having a very, very sad and pathetic (on my part) fangirl moment meeting Multi-Award Winner Kylie Scott and not even bothering to introduce myself (yay me)

5) Meeting some of the most avid and lovely romance readers in the country and sharing the photobooth on Awards night. So lovely to meet you all!

4) Sharing a panel with two of my favourite authors Barbara Hannay and Margareta Osborn and trying to choose titles for book covers that included speedo wearing cowboys picking fruit, a very camp looking copper in a onesy and a cowboy with a baby in his holster. (I guess you had to be there – would love those covers Kate Cuthbert)

3) Sharing a Small Town Seduction discussion panel with the fabulous and voiceless Victoria Dahl from the United States. (Will love to catch up with you again when you can talk Victoria but it was great to mime with you).

No. 2) Watching Janette Radevski catapult her dessert off the table at the awards dinner

Number 1. HIGHLIGHT.  Watching Rachael Johns go SuperMum on us and BACKHAND CATCH Janette Radevski’s dessert before it hit the floor. I bow down to you Rachael. Queen of Rural Romance and Cherry Pie catching.

Like I said. Short and sweet. But this was such a great weekend. I had so much fun thanks to the authors and readers who got involved and the fantastic work of the Australian Romance Readers Association. Get on board folks. You too can have this much fun.

Keep reading and buy for romance.