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My first Australian historical novel “The Girl from Eureka” is now in a print bind up with “Daughter of the Murray” by Darry Fraser. Two great Australian historical stories based in the 1800s with strong female characters all in one great buy!
And this is twice as exciting because Darry and I are both proud South Australian authors.
Here is the beautiful cover for “Rebel Daughters” and the blurbs for both books.
Buy now using links here for Amazon.com.au , Booktopia and Angus and Robertson.  It is also available through Dymocks and other bricks and mortar stores.

“Rebel Daughters” – Out of Print

The Girl From Eureka by Cheryl Adnams

1854, Ballarat, Australia

Gold miner Indy Wallace wants nothing more than to find enough gold to give her mother an easier life. Falling for British Army Lieutenant Will Marsh, who has been posted to Ballarat to protect the Crown gold, was never part of the plan-in the eyes of immigrant miners, soldiers are the enemy.

As Will and Indy’s attraction grows, their loyalties are tested when the unrest between miners and the military reaches breaking point. On opposite sides of the escalating conflict, can their love survive their battle of ideals? And will any of them survive the battle of the Eureka Stockade?

Daughter of the Murray by Darry Fraser

1890s, River Murray, Northern Victoria

Living with her foster family on the banks of the River Murray, Georgina Calthorpe is dreading the return of their son, Dane MacHenry. She knows he will direct his fury about the declining state of the crumbling homestead on her. Proven right, Georgina flees, but when Dane learns she has stolen his prized stallion, he gives chase.

As their fates become intertwined with a businessman keeping a dark secret who offers Georgina apparent security in marriage, none of them could imagine the toll the changing social landscape will have. Will Georgina’s path lead her into grave danger, or will she survive and fulfil her destiny?

Praise for “The Girl from Eureka”

The Girl From Eureka offers a realistic account of the events leading up to the Eureka Stockade, including the battle itself. It’s a story that’s brimming with tension and action, rich in atmosphere and charged with emotion. Highly recommended – Theresa Smith Writes. Read the full review here.

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