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 Common Ground

Released April 29th, 2015


Common Ground

Only love can begin to heal the deepest of battle scars.

Rachel Raymond has always loved her job – she’s a strong, independent foreign correspondent and has built up an illustrious career chasing stories across the world. But her life suddenly changes for ever when at the end of a tour based in war-torn Afghanistan, the vehicle she and her team are travelling in hits a roadside bomb.

Liliana Howell is over the moon when her long lost best friend returns unexpectedly the week before Lily’s wedding in the South Australia Riverland. But it doesn’t take her long to realise that something is different about Rachel, even though her old friend refuses to talk about why she’s finally come home.

Fireman Tate Cassidy has also made the trip to the Riverland for the wedding and finds himself instantly drawn to the mysterious journalist. Tate has his own demons to fight, but when he finds himself falling for this woman who’s seen too much, can he use their Common Ground to help her through her darkest time? And will Rachel let him close enough to show her that love can heal all wounds?

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Praise for Common Ground:

Read this review at Book Muster Down Under

“This book is so very passionate & wonderfully written. Keep the tissues handy! Addresses such important issues so realistically, beautifully & heart wrenchingly. Thankyou so much Cheryl!”  – Reading is bliss, iTunes

“This book covered an awful lot of ground in a relatively short space of time, but I was unable to stop reading because the characters were so genuine and down to earth but vulnerable, witty and flippant to make one smile and above all human. It’s true, we see so much news about war zones and really take it for granted that people are risking their lives to bring us mere mortals news. Brilliant read and now looking forward to another on the list.”
Leggy from Down Under

“This is the first book I read from Cheryl Adnams, and I am happy to say it won’t be my last.” LMZ, Amazon (more of this review can be found at Amazon)