Praise for “The Girl from Eureka”

The Girl From Eureka offers a realistic account of the events leading up to the Eureka Stockade, including the battle itself. It’s a story that’s brimming with tension and action, rich in atmosphere and charged with emotion. Highly recommended – Theresa Smith Writes. Read the full review here.

“The Girl from Eureka” release date is 12 February 2019 so you have one week left to pre-order so that it’s ready and waiting for you when it’s released. Links are available here on my website or you can go to the Harper Collins Australia website for all available links. Thank you for your support. xxx Cheryl

About “The Girl from Eureka”

On the sun-drenched goldfields of Eureka, a wild colonial girl and an honour-bound soldier will break all the rules to claim a love worth more than gold …

Ballarat, Australia 1854

Gold miner Indy Wallace wants nothing more than to dig up enough gold to give her mother an easier life. Wild and reckless, and in trouble more often than not, Indy finds herself falling for handsome, chivalrous, British Army Lieutenant Will Marsh. But in the eyes of immigrant miners, soldiers are the enemy.

Will has been posted to Ballarat with a large contingent of Her Majesty’s Army to protect the Crown gold and keep the peace. But once he meets rebellious Indy, he doubts he’ll ever be at peace again. As Will and Indy’s attraction grows, their loyalties are tested when the unrest between miners and the military reaches breaking point.

On opposite sides of the escalating conflict, can their love survive their battle of ideals? And will any of them survive the battle of the Eureka Stockade?

This novel has been real labour of love for me. I began researching the events of the Eureka stockade in 2015 after reading Clare Wright’s Stella Award winning book “The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka”, which focuses on the women who lived and worked in the Victorian goldfields in the 1850s.

What struck me was the strength and independence of these women during a time when women were mostly repressed. When I discovered that there were in fact female gold miners as well, I jumped on that and Indy Wallace was born.

Indy is a feisty Irish woman who has travelled to the goldfields determined to stake her claim and make a better life for her and her mother.

But as history tells us, the months leading up to the Eureka stockade offered one inciting event after another. Enter Lieutenant Will Marsh. Will is a British soldier stationed in Ballarat to protect Crown gold. He is content in his life as a soldier and proud to do his duty, until he meets Indy who turns his ideals and his world upside down.

“The Girl from Eureka” is set during the six months leading up to and including the Eureka stockade massacre in 1854. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about this defining moment in Australia’s history through the eyes of Indy and Will who, while on opposite sides of the conflict, find love despite it all. 

The book is due for release in early 2019 and will be up for pre-order shortly.

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