Romance Readers Descend on Our Nations Capital

I am excited to be heading off to the Australian Romance Readers of Australia Conference in our nations capital Canberra next weekend. It’s going to be a wonderful weekend with panels of talented Australian Romance authors and four wonderful key note speakers including Sylvia Day and Victoria Dahl from the United States of America, Kelley Armstrong from Canada and our own Australian Helene Young. Not to mention the 95 other authors who will be in attendance for the conference panels and events including a 1920s inspired Awards Dinner and a Tim Tams and Trivia night.

I am lucky enough to be sharing a panel with Victoria Dahl and renowned Australian Romance authors Margareta Osborn and Barbara Hannay and we will be discussing Small Town Seduction. (See the blurb below for details). If you are going to be at the Australian Romance Readers convention please come up and introduce yourself to me. I would love to meet you. It’s going to be such a fun weekend.

Small Town Seduction

When most of us work, live, and play in urban centres, and we would never dream of giving up the luxury of food-on-demand and massive shopping centres, why do we keep seeking out small towns and rural communities in our reading? What is it about a backwater that sets our hearts beating? Why does dust make us desirous? Why are small towns so seductive?

Things to expect in this panel: personal tales of small towns, detailed and admiring anatomic descriptions, discussions of fictional small towns vs real small towns, lamentations of percentages of hot men in fictional small towns vs real small towns, lamentations of percentages of hot men in fiction vs reality, the importance of community, laughter, and the use of the word ‘balls’ in context or out.