Loved the film “Last Christmas”? Try my novella “The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift”.

You know those lyrics from George Michael’s epic song “Last Christmas”?

Well, when I was writing “The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift” it was the words … “A man undercover…” that resonated with me.  And so the idea for “The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift” was born. After a personal tragedy that saw him lose everything he loved one Christmas, billionaire Edward somehow ended up in a homeless shelter that saved him from spiraling out of control. Thanks to the generosity of that shelter, Edward’s yearly Christmas mission is to be a “man under cover” in various shelters to see how well they’re run so that he can decide if they are worthy of a large Christmas donation.

But he never expected to meet Casey Christmas. Casey is a volunteer who just wants to help people less fortunate than herself. When she meets Ted, it’s easy to see he’s in pain and her too-soft heart goes out to him. Even as she finds him attractive, she senses he has a secret. But secrets always have a way of coming out.

Watching “Last Christmas” I saw some resemblances between the main character Kate and my characters Edward and Casey. Without giving away any spoilers if you haven’t seen the film, it’s Kate’s eventual selflessness that helps her recover from her personal tragedy. That same selflessness is what helps Edward survive Christmas each year. I adore “Last Christmas” for so many reasons”. I am a huge George Michael fan, so the soundtrack is heaven. Emily Clarke is just a ray of sunshine with her quirkiness and the addition of the homeless shelter and it’s surprisingly talented characters is wonderfully uplifting. If you enjoyed this film, why not give “The Billionaire’s Christmas Gift” a go. Available at Amazon, kobo, Apple Books, GooglePlay