‘Chasing the Flames’ – The author’s blurb.

‘Chasing the Flames’ is the second in the Muller’s of McLaren Vale trilogy. Where ‘Bet on It’ followed the romance of the middle son Seth, the second novel is the story of the oldest brother Brian.

Brian is just starting to come back to life again, three years after his wife left him in the same week that his mother died of cancer.

Trisha Carne, the owner of a local café and catering company, has known and loved Brian almost her entire life.

After a few too many New Years Eve drinks, Brian and Trish find themselves in a passionate midnight lip lock.

This one kiss sets them on a new direction including dinner dates and amazing sex. That is until Brian’s ex-wife Maria, returns to McLaren Vale determined to win him back. Brian is thrown into a spin of confusion about his feelings. Maria’s presence brings back all the memories of the pain he felt when she left and he retreats from Trisha, afraid to go through all that again.

Trisha, who is struggling with her own demons, is hurt by his comparison of her to Maria. She gives Brian the space he needs to make up his mind but just because she has always been there for Brian, doesn’t’ mean she is willing to keep waiting for him to sort himself out.

‘Chasing the Flames’ is set in the wonderful Southern Fleurieu peninsula, which boasts not only the vineyards of the McLaren Vale wine region but also some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The story takes in some of these locations as well as a Gala Ball, the Tour Down Under Professional Cycling Race and a catastrophic bushfire event.

The characters you loved from ‘Bet On It’ make cameo appearances rounding out the family oriented cast.

I hope you’ll enjoy ‘Chasing the Flames’ which will be released on September 24th 2014.

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